Why You Must Have A Kitchen Chimney: 5 Reasons

Is the kitchen chimney necessary? Or, Is there any alternative to the kitchen chimney that you may have?

If you’re from India and not sure whether you need a chimney for your kitchen, make sure you read this article till the end. Here, I’m going to tell you how a chimney is one of the useful kitchen appliances and why you must have it.

Later on, I’ll also tell you how you can buy the best chimney at a very affordable price.

Whether you have a new house kitchen or an old kitchen, a Kitchen chimney is always necessary. However, there is one alternative to it i.e. Exhaust fan that is also helpful in removing smoke but it works slowly and makes your modern kitchen looks ugly. Read more: Chimney Vs Exhaust Fan-Which is Best for Indian Kitchen?

Therefore, we find a need for a kitchen chimney that has more advantages over an exhaust fan. To put it simply, here are 5 reasons why you should install a chimney in your kitchen…

1. Remove smoke and eliminate odors:

While cooking or frying anything in the kitchen, we produce lots of smoke, gases, and odors that may affect our health and cause respiratory problems. If you have an open kitchen then it won’t take you any effort to remove them, however, if you have a packed kitchen or one window it can be very difficult to remove smoke and gases.

A kitchen chimney with a good suction capacity helps you to remove all the smoke, gases, and orders immediately while cooking, no matter how much you produce. Moreover, you get fresh air in your kitchen whether you install a duct or ductless chimney.

2. Reduce heat and risk of fire:

It is obvious to produce heat and combustible materials while cooking. A kitchen chimney can help you remove excess heat and steam that comes from cooking utensils and make it more comfortable to cook in. Further, it helps in reducing the risk of fire by removing combustible materials from the air.

Don’t you think, a kitchen chimney is necessary and helpful in taking care of your health and well-being?

3. Improves indoor air quality:

We all know that cooking and frying, it doesn’t only produces smoke but also releases harmful gases like Carbon monoxide. A kitchen chimney can remove these harmful pollutants from your kitchen, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of respiratory problems while cooking.

So if you want to have good health and take care of the safety of your loved ones you may consider having a chimney in your kitchen.

4. Keep clean your kitchen clean and increase its lifespan:

If you want to keep your kitchen clean and increase the lifespan of kitchen appliances, you must install a chimney in the kitchen. It will be surely helpful in preventing the buildup of grease and grime on appliances, increasing their lifespan.

And, the best thing is your kitchen wall will look clean and shiny for a look time without you cleaning it daily.

5. Make your kitchen modern:

A chimney is a need in every modern kitchen or you could say, having a chimney installed in your kitchen give it a modern look. As I said already in the beginning you may also use an exhaust fan but it won’t look great in your kitchen.

The chimney comes in a variety of designs, you may select one that suits your kitchen and make it more attractive. Furthermore, if you install a chimney with built-in lighting, it can improve the lighting in your kitchen.

How to buy the best chimney for your kitchen?

Now If you have understood the importance of having a kitchen chimney then your next question would be how to buy the best kitchen chimney, Right?

Well, if you’re looking for a complete chimney-buying guide, you may hit the link but if you need a basic guide then keep reading…

Chimney comes with many features in different types, sizes, and design, and if you want to buy a kitchen chimney you must be aware of what kind of chimney you need. Let me explain everything.

Chimneys generally come in two sizes: 60cm and 90cm. If you have a stove with 2 or 3 burners, you may consider a 60cm chimney. However, if you have 4 burners or more, it is better to go with a 90cm chimney.

Now, there are mainly two types of chimneys that you may buy: filterless chimneys and baffle-filter chimneys.

  • Baffle-filter chimney: If you do a lot of frying or cooking that produces a lot of oil in your kitchen, a baffle-filter chimney may be a better option for you. Since having a filter, this kind of chimney can block the heavy oil particles from entering the chimney and getting stuck inside it which increases the efficiency and life span of the chimney. However, this kind of chimney also requires periodic cleaning. Hindware and Faber manufacture a variety of chimneys in baffle-filter that you may check out.

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  • Filterless chimney: This type of chimney comes without any filter which means it removes smoke, odors, and oil particles in just one go without making any one of them separate. If you don’t cook and fry too much oily foods and don’t produce lots of fumes, and smoke you may consider having a filterless chimney. In India, Elica, Faber, Glen, and Kutchina are the top manufacturer of Filterless chimneys.

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At present time, every chimney comes with a good suction power ranging from 1000-1500 m3/hr, 3-speed levels, auto-clean, and touch and gesture control to operate the chimney.

If you don’t produce lots of fumes and smoke, you may consider a filterless chimney with a suction rate from 1000-1200 m3/hr. And, if you produce lots of smoke in the kitchen, you may consider having a high succession rate chimney.

Now the big question remains where to purchase a kitchen chimney?

You may buy a chimney either online or from any nearby store by going there. However, I’d recommend you purchase it online from an e-commerce store like Amazon or Flipkart. Not only you will get the chimney at the best deal and discounts but also you can check reviews of others who have purchased the chimney.

In just a few days, the chimney will be delivered safely and the company will contact you for installation.

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A chimney is necessary for every Indian kitchen. It’s very useful to remove smoke, fumes, and gases quickly while cooking. In addition to that, It improves indoor air quality, keeps your kitchen clean and fresh, and increases the lifespan of kitchen appliances.

In this article, I have explained exactly why you must have a kitchen chimney and how to buy a kitchen chimney. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Are you going to buy a chimney?

If you have any queries please let me know in the comment. I’d be happy to help you.

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