Elica Chimney Review [2023]: Everything You Need to Know

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Elica chimney review

#1. Best Recommended Elica Chimney

My views about Elica Chimneys

Elica chimneys are well-known in the Indian market. It offers a variety of chimneys mostly in filterless type. If you’re looking for affordable and good-performance chimneys, you may consider Elica chimneys. Though it lacks somewhere in customer service, overall the chimneys’ quality is worth it.

Pros of Elica Chimneys

  • Variety of Filterless chimneys.
  • Comes with all the smart features.
  • Efficient in removing smoke, gases, and odor.
  • Great performance and quality.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Affordable price.
  • Quick help and support (in most cases).
  • Better warranty periods on most of the chimneys.

Cons of Elica Chimneys

  • Less range in baffle-filter and ductless chimneys
  • There is no auto-clean alarm enabled on any chimneys.
  • Customer service is not much effective, especially in rural areas.

Are you looking for an Elica chimney review? If so, make sure you read this article until the end. As I’ve tested and tried Elica chimneys myself, I can provide you with a more thorough review.

In this review of Elica Chimneys, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before buying one. Please take a look at the table of contents. (Hit the topic that you wanna jump on directly.)

I guess, there is no need to tell you why to buy a chimney for a kitchen, and how to buy a chimney, so let’s start with the basic overview of the Elica chimney…

Elica Chimney Overview:

If you think that Elica is an Indian company, you may be mistaken. Elica S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 1970 that designs and manufactures kitchen hoods, induction hobs, and boilers. (source: Wikipedia)

In 2010, Elica S.p.A. formed a joint venture called Elica PB Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances Private Limited (formerly known as Elica PB India Private Limited) in India. However, the manufacturing unit is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Elica is well-known for its chimneys in India, but it also deals in other kitchen appliances such as induction hobs, dishwashers, built-in ovens, fryers, and more.

Elica manufactures different types of chimneys, including Ismart, hanging mounted, wall mounted, EDS, and ceiling. For Indian kitchens, wall-mounted and electric chimneys are the most commonly preferred, and in this Elica chimney review, I will focus on its wall-mounted chimneys.

Elica Wall-Mounted Chimneys: Sizes and Varieties

If you’re reading this article from India, you’re most likely looking for a wall-mounted chimney, which is suitable for an Indian kitchen. If you go to any nearby shops, you’ll always find wall-mounted chimneys available.

Elica manufactures different sizes and models of wall-mounted chimneys. Chimneys generally come in two sizes: 60cm and 90cm. If you have a stove with 2 or 3 burners, a 60cm chimney is sufficient, but if you have a stove with 4 burners or more, a 90cm chimney is recommended.

Additionally, Elica chimneys come in two types: filterless chimneys and baffle-filter chimneys. You may choose one depending on your kitchen and personal requirements.

Filterless chimney Vs Baffle-filter chimney:

A filterless chimney is a type of kitchen ventilation system that uses advanced technology to remove smoke, odours, and grease particles from the air without the use of traditional filters. It requires less maintenance and cleaning and is suitable for kitchens that don’t excessively cook and fry oily foods.

On the other hand, a baffle-filter chimney comes with a filter (known as a baffle filter) that can block heavy oil particles from entering the chimney and getting stuck inside it. It has higher efficiency but requires periodic cleaning. If you frequently cook or fry foods that produce a lot of oil in your kitchen, a baffle-filter chimney may be a better option for you.

Elica does not have as much variety in baffle-filter chimneys as compared to its filterless chimneys. I don’t know the reason for this, but I found its few baffle-filter chimneys to work great as well.

Later, I’ll tell you about the best Elica filterless chimneys and baffle-filter chimneys that you may consider for your kitchen. But for now, let’s talk about how good Elica chimneys are in terms of support, performance, and other factors.

Features and performance of Elica chimneys:

All chimneys come with a few basic features, such as suction power, auto-clean, touch and gesture control, and speed levels. You can expect these features from all Elica chimneys. Allow me to review the Elica chimney based on its features.

Suction power:

Elica chimneys typically have suction power ranging from 1050m3/hr to 1500m3/hr. Specifically, I have seen its 1200 m3/hr and 1425 m3/hr suction power chimneys deliver better outputs. If you produce more smoke and gases in your kitchen, you may choose a 1450 m3/hr chimney. If you don’t require that much suction power, you may go with a 1200 m3/hr suction power.

I don’t have any complaints about any of these suction-power chimneys. In fact, they work amazingly to remove smoke as quickly as possible. At 1425 m3/hr, you get more than sufficient suction power. Additionally, I found that at this suction power, the chimney’s price is quite reasonable.

Noise Level:

Good suction power may also come with an annoying noise in a chimney. However, I didn’t find too much noise with the 1200m3/hr suction power chimney. For some chimneys, the noise level was extremely low, while for some, it was a little bit high. The ideal noise level for the best Elica chimney is considered to be 58 dB or less.

Remember, the higher the suction power you choose, the more noise it will produce.

Touch and Gesture control:

Like other chimneys, Elica chimneys also come with touch and gesture control features. After using an Elica chimney for more than one and a half years, I haven’t observed any issues with the motion of the chimney. The gesture control works smoothly and is worth appreciating. By waving just a hand, you can decrease or increase the motor’s speed too.


Auto-clean is a feature enabled in a chimney that cleans your chimney and collects all the oils in the oil tray. It is more useful in filterless chimneys, but it now comes in all chimneys with an oil collector. This feature is enabled in all Elica chimneys, and by just touching the auto clean sign, your chimney gets cleaned and all oil and gas particles are collected in the oil tray, which is quite impressive.

Note: When you press the auto clean feature, make sure to clean the oil tray later. Otherwise, there’s a chance of catching fire in the chimney with oil and other flammable particles in the oil tray. Don’t worry! In Elica chimneys and all other company’s chimneys, it’s easy to clean the oil tray.

Energy Consumption:

This is what I most liked about Elica chimneys compared to other brand chimneys. Unlike Faber and Hindware chimneys, Elica consumes very less energy. For 1200m3/hr in a Filterless chimney, the energy consumption can be as low as 130 watts annually while for a baffle filter, it could be 220 watts annually.

Warranty Period:

Most Elica chimneys come with 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor. I feel the warranty on the motor is not enough. However, for a few Elica chimneys, the warranty on the motor can be increased up to 15 years and for the product, it can go up to 2 years. Later, I’ll tell you about those chimneys.

Customer Support:

Customer support is one of the essential aspects to check to determine if a company is worth it. When buying a chimney from any company, you must be aware of their customer support quality for installation, maintenance, service, and any queries you may have.

I have experienced Elica chimney customer support a few times myself. For installation, it may not be guaranteed that the brand will contact you, so you may have to initiate the contact yourself. In some areas, especially in cities, the installation process can be hassle-free, while in some areas, customer service and support may not be up to the mark.

However, while reading other reviews, I found that 15% of customers had complaints regarding bad customer service, while 85% praised Elica’s customer service and quick installation.

I myself have tried to contact their customer support for a couple of queries via email and call, and I appreciated their quick response and assistance. Maybe the quality of customer support is influenced by location.

To get in touch with Elica and receive a quick response, you may contact them at this telephone number: 1800 233 0007 or email them at customercare@elica.in. With email, they will respond to you in just a couple of hours.

You may also try to assess customer service quality by asking a few questions, such as the general installation cost, ducting kit cost, and other relevant information.

Should you buy an Elica chimney?

In my opinion, yes, you may consider buying an Elica chimney. After considering all the factors and my own experience with Elica, I would say that Elica chimneys are worth it. The quality and performance of the Elica chimneys are impressive. Although there might be some issues with customer support in certain areas, it’s not a significant concern unless you encounter an issue with the chimney.

Therefore, I recommend purchasing the best Elica chimney available today, which has had great performance thus far. With that being said, here are some of the best Elica Chimneys that have been performing exceptionally well.

5 Best Elica Chimneys for Indian Kitchen:

I won’t overwhelm you with a long list of Elica chimneys. Instead, I’ll highlight the ones that have consistently received positive reviews and performed well over the past few years. Elica offers a wide range of chimneys with prices varying from INR 6,000 to over INR 50,000.

However, the notion that being expensive always equals better isn’t necessarily true. In fact, you can find an excellent Elica chimney for under INR 15,000. That’s why we’ll focus on chimneys in the INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 range and choose the best one with outstanding performance.

1. Elica WDFL HAC LTW MS NERO (Filterless Chimney)

Elica chimney review: best Elica chimney in India in 2023
Source: Amazon

This Elica model chimney is one of the best filterless chimneys available in India. It has great features and performance. It is available in mainly two sizes- 60cm and 90cm. Here, I’ve featured a 60cm chimney that has INR 12999 price.

This chimney has 1200 m3/hr suction power which is suitable for your kitchen if you don’t produce lots of smoke and gases while cooking on a daily basis. Let me tell you the top specifications of this chimney:

  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Touch and Gesture control (3-speed levels)
  • Two led lights
  • Auto-clean and oil collector
  • Energy consumption: 160 watts/year
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 15 years on motor

This chimney has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon India.

  • Excellent performance after using it for four years.
  • Good suction capacity while producing very less sound.
  • The warranty period (2 years and 15 years on the motor) is great at this price.
  • Excellent product at an affordable price.
  • You have to separately pay for the installation and ducting kit.
  • The warranty period keeps changing.

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2. Elica WD TFL HAC MS NERO (Filterless chimney)

Source: Amazon

This chimney is available in both sizes- 60cm and 90cm. Here we’ve featured the 60cm size.

Now, this ELica chimney has also filterless technology but it has higher suction power of 1425 m3/hr which is enough for all Indian kitchens no matter how much you smoke produce. With great suction power still, this chimney doesn’t make lots of noise.

It also comes with a free installation kit that contains Aluminium Duct Pipe (9-10 ft), Cowl Cover, Clamp, and Aluminium Tape that you don’t need to purchase separately.

The performance of this chimney is great so far and it has a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon by users.

Top specifications:

  • Noise level: 59 dB
  • Touch and gesture control
  • Two led lights
  • Auto-clean and comes with an oil collector
  • Energy consumption: 160 watts/year
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product and 5 years on its motor
  • Free Installation kit (worth INR 1200)
  • Very high suction power and incredible performance.
  • Make very low noise.
  • It also includes a complete Installation kit for free.
  • The warranty period is not sufficient as per the cost of the chimney.

3. Elica FL SLIM HAC MS NERO (Filterless Chimney)

Source: Amazon

This is one of the most affordable chimneys with all the great features like touch and feature control and a good suction power of 1200m3. It is a kind of modified model of the 2019 Elica filterless chimney.

The performance of this chimney is amazing today also. It’s available in both sizes-60cm and 90cm. Here are the top specifications of this chimney:

  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Touch and gesture control
  • Auto clean and 3-speed motion
  • 2 led lights and an oil collector
  • Energy consumption: 130 watts/year
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product and 5 years on the motor
  • Make low noise.
  • The price is very affordable with all the pro features.
  • Suction power is less even after giving the rate of 1200m3/hr.

4. EFL-S607 LTW VMS (Filterless chimney)

Source: Amazon

This is a quite modern design of Elica chimney with filterless technology. Currently, It’s available in only 60cm size. If you don’t like the curved glass designs featured above, you may try this elegant design.

It has 1100 m3/hr suction power and similar features. Here are its top specifications:

  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Touch and gesture control
  • Auto clean and 3-speed motion
  • 1 led light and an oil collector
  • Energy consumption: 160 watts/year
  • Warranty: 2 years on the product and 15 years on the motor
  • Good suction power and produce very low noise.
  • Great performance so far.
  • Good warranty period.
  • Since it’s a new product, I found a couple of complaints about this chimney also.

5. WD TBF HAC MS NERO (Baffle-Filter)

Source: Amazon

As I have told you already, Elica manufactures mostly filterless chimneys but it doesn’t mean their baffle-filter chimneys are not up to the mark.

Here is one of the best baffle-filter chimneys from Elica that you may also consider purchasing if you want a baffle-filter chimney over a filterless chimney. A baffle filter chimney may require regular cleaning but it has great efficiency and span of life also compared to other chimneys.

This Elica baffle-filter chimney is available in both sizes- 60cm and 90cm. It has a great suction power of 1425 m3/hr and has 2 baffle filters. Honestly, I don’t find much need for 2 filters.

Top specifications:

  • Noise level: 59 dB
  • Touch and gesture control
  • Auto-clean and 3-speed levels
  • 2 led lights
  • 2 baffle-filter
  • Energy consumption: 220 watts
  • Warranty period: 1 year on the product and 5 years on the motor
  • Great suction power at 1425 m3/hr rate.
  • The performance of the chimney is good as well.
  • It may produce annoying noise.

What is the installation cost of the Elica chimney?

As you may already know, the cost of installation of the chimney is separate from the cost of the chimney itself. If you choose to purchase the installation kit (which includes the ducting pipe), you will also have to pay for it separately.

For some chimneys, Elica may offer the installation kit for free, but in most cases, you have to purchase the installation kit separately. You can either purchase it from Elica itself or buy it from Amazon or Flipkart while purchasing the chimney.

The Elica ducting pipe installation kit costs INR 800 for a 4-5ft ducting pipe and INR 1200 for a 10ft ducting pipe. However, the installation charge is fixed at INR 600. Also, remember that if you purchase an installation kit, it should include an Aluminium Duct Pipe, Cowl Cover, Clamp, and Aluminium Tape.

If the installation kit costs more than INR 1200, it would be better to purchase the kit from Amazon or Flipkart along with the chimney.

Please note that for installing a ductless chimney you don’t not to buy any installation kit.

Pros and Cons of Elica Chimney:

  • Elica chimneys are great at quality and performance.
  • Elica’s best chimney prices are affordable and come with all great features.
  • You may get great suction power with a very less noise level.
  • Customer service is quick and easy.
  • For a few Elica Chimneys, you may get a free ducting kit as well.
  • Elica does not have enough variety in the baffle-filter chimney.
  • In some areas, customer service lack somewhere.

Elica chimney Vs other chimneys:

There are many chimney companies in India, and we cannot say that Elica is the number one chimney company in India.

In some areas, Elica can be a better option, while in some areas, you may also go with a different company. Let me tell you about the top competitors of Elica when it comes to chimneys that you should also consider.

Faber chimney:

Similar to Elica, Faber offers a variety of chimneys for Indian kitchens. Not only in filterless but here you may also get a wide range in the baffle-filter chimney. The price band, features, and customer support of Faber chimneys are quite similar to the Elica chimneys. However, Faber does not offer the ducting kit for free for any of its chimneys. In addition to this, Most Faber chimneys come with a 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor.

Read more: Faber chimney review- All Pros and Cons and Best Faber chimneys

Hindware chimney:

Hindware is also a well-known company in India when it comes to chimneys also. You may get a variety of kitchen chimneys here at an affordable price and with great performance. Unlike Elica chimneys, Hindeware has more variety in baffle-filter chimneys, however, their features are quite similar. Hinware chimneys also offer a great warranty period for all its chimneys but a few of their chimneys may produce annoying noise even at lower suction rates.

Kutchina chimney:

If you’re looking for expensive and good-performance chimneys in all ranges, you may go with Kutchina chimneys. This chimney company doesn’t have too much variety in the electric chimneys that I featured above. For other types of chimneys, you may take a look at its site. However, Kutchina chimneys have a very high electric consumption rate, and also customer-service is not up to the mark. Soon, we will publish an honest review of the Kutchina chimney after experiencing it by myself.

Glen chimney:

Glen chimneys are also affordable and come with similar features to Elica chimneys. However, Glen Chimneys’ performance is great but they don’t have enough variety in it. Additionally, Many users complained about Glen’s bad customer service. However, I can give my personal review after experiencing it by myself. So, stay tuned!

Now it’s your turn:

In this Elica chimney review, I have covered everything you need to know before buying one. If you have read it in full, you should have a better idea of whether an Elica chimney is the right choice for you.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. I would love to hear your thoughts:

Have you decided to purchase an Elica chimney? If so, which one are you considering?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. We are here to assist you.

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